Thursday, February 21, 2019
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Family Service Groups

Every local and able member of the congregation belongs to a Family Service Group. Our congregation is divided into 12 groups, with each group serving for one month. Each group has a designated Leader. The leader is responsible to ensure the duties are assigned/handled.

Duties of the active Family Service Group are:  

  • Reading the sessions at Sunday services

  • Ushering

  • Greeters

  • Preparing communion

  • Changing altar/pulpit cloths as needed

  • One cleaning item (selected from the listing)

  • Food/workers for dinners and funerals as needed

  • Providing cookies/workers for Fieldcrest Nursing Home on designated months

  • Cheer Baskets (December only)

Social get togethers/prayer chain/communicating within your group is also an important part of the Family Service Group. The intent is to get to know each other better, and to care for each others needs and concerns.

Operational Details

Your Service Group Leader will be responsible to contact its members to ensure the month’s duties/responsibilities are handled.  Service Group Leaders: The master listing will be kept by Michele.  Please inform her of changes within your group. 

The Family Service Groups will stay in place for 2015 and 2016. The intent is to then reorganize the groups beginning March 2017. 

If you need to move to a different month, please switch with another family and then inform your Service Group Leader. 

New members will be added upon joining South Zumbro. 

Keep in mind that the concept of moving to Family Service Groups is new, and being it’s a work in progress duties/responsibilities may be changed as deemed necessary. 

Thanks from the Committee:

  • Ed & Erica Gillis 
  • Bill & Michele Stromme


    Leaders: Jeff & Cindy Bernards


    Leaders: Dan & Joann Roth


    Leaders: Don & Brenda Rosenberg


    Leaders: Ben & Val Bohle


    Leader: Nick & Kelly Jurrens


    Leader: Shawn & Darcy Petersen


    Leaders: Galen & Marcia Bungum


    Leaders: Mark & Melanie Hansen


    Leaders: Bob & Lu Clifford


    Leaders: Bruce & Mary Sue Sandeno


    Leaders: Ben & Randi Finley


    Leaders: John & Kelly Van Camp

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