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Women of the Word

All women who are members of South Zumbro Lutheran Church are members of South Zumbro’s Women of the Word (WOW). All WOW women are placed in one of 3 "Circles".   The Circle gives the opportunity to participate in a small group Women of the Word - SZLCexperience. The three circles at South Zumbro are Faith, Esther, and Naomi. Each circle meets once a month, usually in a member’s home.

At the circle meetings we enjoy the fellowship of women, have a Bible Study, and take care of whatever business is needed for the month. It is not an obligation to attend, but an opportunity. We want to get to know each other and our families, learn the needs of others, and grow spiritually. Each woman is encouraged to participate in Circle activities at any time. 

WOW also meets as a whole different times throughout the year. During our meetings we often have a guest speaker share educational, spiritual, and fun information on a variety of topics. 

The 2017 Executive Board for WOW:

President: Julie Boyum & Michele Stromme
Secretary: Sandy Tjaden
Treasurer: Mary Sue Sandeno
Stewardship Secretaries: Erica Gillis
Cradle Roll: Diana Coats
Historian: Dorene Ness
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