Wednesday, July 08, 2020
Pastor Pete Wyttenbach


Pastor Pete is a former middle school teacher at Kasson Mantorville Schools that answered the call from God to enter ministry.  He is currently enrolled in “Beyond the River Academy” to achieve certification as an LCMC Pastor.  He was raised in a Lutheran, Christian home and has been blessed to grow up near most of his family.


Pastor Pete is blessed with a beautiful family.  He is married to Jenny Wyttenbach, Instructional Coach at Kasson Mantorville Middle School.  He has 3 children, Megan (15), Rowan (9) and Aylah (6). Each of his family members brings joy to his heart and a daily reminder of just how abundant God’s blessings truly are.


Pastor Pete is pursuing ordainment and plans to achieve his Master’s in Divinity after completing Beyond the River Academy.  His love for God, family, music and ministry is evident as his true passion is building relationships with members of the church and community.  He truly believes that we are all in this together, side by side, depending on each other and the grace of God to actively pursue a divine relationship with our Creator. 


He is truly blessed and gracious to work with Pastor Jeff Bernards (his former high school math teacher and football coach) and realizes the true honor it is to have such an important responsibility in shepherding God’s people alongside his coach and mentor.  He is equally thankful to be able to serve and work with the loving and giving people of South Zumbro Lutheran Church.

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